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Based in Downtown Bentonville, Arkansas, Mike is the Chief Executive Officer at Pure Charity, a nonprofit dedicated to building world class technology solutions for Nonprofit Organizations, Individual Fundraising, and Community Advocacy.

Mike currently serves on the Board of Directors for Help One NowMercy House GlobalCanopy Northwest Arkansas99 Balloons@HopeMob, Laundry Love, and Serve Northwest Arkansas.  

Prior to Pure Charity, Mike worked for Nickelodeon, The Walt Disney Company, Hershey Foods, and served in the US Marine Corps. Mike is a husband of 22 years, father of 4, a lover of a great story, and never too far from a fly-fishing river.  

A Story Unfinished...

"today yields only shadows of the completed work that is being accomplished." - Matt Mooney

I didn't know Matt & Ginny at the time of Eliot's life.  I had heard small pieces of their story while it was taking place & I remember being moved by it.  However, it was months, if not years, until I met them…and now that I think about it I can't actually recall when we first met.

Even in that meeting I didn't connect the dots between the story I had heard long before and the people in front of me.  I probably took another six months to put it together (so I'm  sure I'm used, at least once, as a reference of the stupid things people have said to them).

However, In many ways it feels like I've known the Mooney family forever, while still feeling like they are new friends that I have yet to even begin to know.

Regardless, they are kindred spirits and if I lived down the street from them I would be over at their house more than they would want me there.

In short, they are great people (some say the greatest - I tend to agree) and I like them a whole lot.

Last week I had the deep privilege of attending their book release "launch."  Launch seems like a silly thing to call it because it wasn't a launch, it was a celebration.

Matt Mooney

It was here, for the first time, I heard many of the stories I didn't know I had missed.  It was during this time, in between my laughter and tears, I was shown a simple truth that I've always struggled to believe...

"God is sufficient."

Tonight I finished their story (aka the book titled "A Story Unfinished:  99 Days with Eliot"), and I want you to read it.

I want you to read it because their story is a testimony to this fact…

"God is sufficient."

Their story is a window into how God is good even when we cannot reconcile His goodness.

For me, sufficiency and goodness are two things I have continually struggled to find in myself but can see clearly in the lives and stories of others.  It is these lives and stories that become my "God markers" in life because they allow me to see what I am searching for.

Matt, Ginny, Eliot, Hazel, Anders, and Lena are authentic proof that God restores.

Yes, God restores.

(I dare you to read their story and tell me that He doesn't.)


Matt & Ginny, I wish this story didn't exist, yet I am also thankful for your family's sharing of it.  It has filled my soul and shown me the face of God.

Eliot, I would love to play cowboys together someday.

Hazel, Anders, and Lena, you inspire me…keep rockin' on.

To everyone else…I'm not bold enough to say that I understand, but I can say that their lives have brought me to the edge of the deep canyon that holds their story, my story, and the story of all of us.

Life, hope, pain, death, joy and a God who restores.

Read this story.

Take it and live it.

"Where is the pain at this moment?  Because I have tired of trying to get God  to come to me, instead I will enter into the place where He already is." - Matt Mooney

Matt and his wife Ginny founded 99 Balloons, an organization that engages individuals with disability locally & globally. Many know Matt through the story of his son, Eliot- whose 99 days on this earth were commemorated with 99 balloons. He is the author of the forthcoming book, "A Story Unfinished:  99 Days with Eliot".

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