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Based in Downtown Bentonville, Arkansas, Mike is the Chief Executive Officer at Pure Charity, a nonprofit dedicated to building world class technology solutions for Nonprofit Organizations, Individual Fundraising, and Community Advocacy.

Mike currently serves on the Board of Directors for Help One NowMercy House GlobalCanopy Northwest Arkansas99 Balloons@HopeMob, Laundry Love, and Serve Northwest Arkansas.  

Prior to Pure Charity, Mike worked for Nickelodeon, The Walt Disney Company, Hershey Foods, and served in the US Marine Corps. Mike is a husband of 22 years, father of 4, a lover of a great story, and never too far from a fly-fishing river.  

Orphan Justice

Orphan Justice Book Covermy friend & hero Johnny Carr released Orphan Justice this month & through it he opens up new insight into the call of James 1:27 "to look after orphans and widows in their distress." The reality of orphan care is that there is no one answer to this complex issue, and through his book Johnny allows us all to ask some of the really hard questions about adoption, orphanages, HIV/AIDS, Foster Care, Racism, Trafficking and the call of the church.

This book and its topics are critical for every Christian to understand as they seek solutions to one of the most pressing issues of our time.

About Orphan Justice


Christians are clearly called to care for orphans, a group so close to the heart of Jesus. In reality, most of the 153 million orphaned and vulnerable children in the world do not need to be adopted, and not everyone needs to become an adoptive parent. However, there are other very important ways to help beyond adoption.

Indeed, caring for orphaned and vulnerable children requires us to care about related issues from child trafficking and HIV/AIDS to racism and poverty. Too often, we only discuss or theologize the issues, relegating the responsibility to governments.

Based on his personal journey toward pure religion, in Orphan Justice Johnny Carr moves readers from talking about global orphan care to actually doing something about it. Combining biblical truth with the latest research, this inspiring book:

  • Uses Johnny’s personal story to help you understand complex social justice issues
  • Tells you about the orphan care and adoption movement in the U.S. today
  • Helps you understand the connection between social justice issues and biblically based orphan care
  • Discusses the role of the church worldwide in meeting these needs of orphaned and vulnerable children
  • Offers YOU practical steps to getting involved and making a difference today

Visit the Orphan Justice Website for more info and to order the book.

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