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NW Arkansas Gladney Family Association Kickoff

Last week we had the joy of being a part of the kick off event for the Gladney Family Association (@Gladney_Center) here in NW Arkansas.  It was an opportunity to gather with other families in our community who have adopted or are in the processes of adopting through Gladney.  It was a beautiful opportunity to sit with old friends and meet new ones.

We had the joy of having Scott Brown (@jscottbrown) travel up from Gladney’s home office in Ft. Worth to be with us for the evening.  Of course Scott holds a special place in the heart of many NW Arkansas families because of his role as the head of African programs for Gladney.  This is especially true for Corrie and I because Scott was with us the day that Sosi was first placed in our arms.

There truly is a special bond that develops between families who have traveled down the adoption road, and every time I have the opportunity to spend time with these other families it feels like we begin our relationship at a different place.  It’s a place where the value of family and for caring for those without one is the foundation.  So, needless to say, this evening was just good. 

We are so appreciative of Gladney and the support they provide to those families who they lead through the journey of adoption.  I think it speaks volumes that one of the attributes of the Gladney Family Association is that you actually don’t have had to have adopted through Gladney to join the association and benefit from their services.  In fact we have some friends with us this evening from other agencies & you would have never known it.

If you are a family who has adopted or is even just thinking about it, take a few minutes to connect with a Gladney Family Association near you.  More info on their website (Gladney.com Gladney Family Associations).  Watch for upcoming Gladney Family Association events on their website or please contact Wendy Lee (wendy.lee@gladney.org) who directs the GFA for Gladney.  If you are a member of the GFA, news of upcoming events will be sent directly to you.

Two final things…

On Feb 25th & 26th, there will be a national orphan care conference in NW Arkansas called The Idea Camp Orphan Care (!COrphan).  Gladney will be a voice at this conference and there will be additional opportunities during the conference to reconnect.  You can visit the Idea Camp website for registration info.

Also, if you haven’t visited NWAAdoptions.com (@nwaadoptions), there are some great ways to connect with other families in NW Arkansas involved in adoption, foster care, child sponsorship, grandparents of adoptive children and so much more.

Again, thanks to Gladney and we look forward to gathering again soon.

NW Arkansas Gladney Family Association Kickoff