About Mike Rusch

Based in Downtown Bentonville, Arkansas, Mike is the Chief Executive Officer at Pure Charity, a nonprofit dedicated to building world class technology solutions for Nonprofit Organizations, Individual Fundraising, and Community Advocacy.

Mike currently serves on the Board of Directors for Help One NowMercy House GlobalCanopy Northwest Arkansas99 Balloons@HopeMob, Laundry Love, and Serve Northwest Arkansas.  

Prior to Pure Charity, Mike worked for Nickelodeon, The Walt Disney Company, Hershey Foods, and served in the US Marine Corps. Mike is a husband of 22 years, father of 4, a lover of a great story, and never too far from a fly-fishing river.  

Friday is so far away...

This morning is a Saturday like most Saturdays with everyone still asleep giving me a few moments of quiet. I’m sitting here with my Ethiopian sourced coffee listening to Matt Maher sing about meeting “a man who treated children like they were ambassadors to the kingdom.” It’s pretty cold outside and my iPhone is getting its periodic update to make sure I’m in synch with my life. It seems to be taking a while and maybe that is a signal that I’m more out of synch than I thought.

It is the season of Advent, but I have a personal advent taking place that is taking precedence for the moment. Advent, latin for “coming”, is this season of waiting and preparation (so tells me Wikipedia). However, my heart tells me that Advent is not just waiting, it is waiting with a deep and personal longing for an arrival. It is an ever present thought of soon, very soon, things will be set in place and made right. It is the anxiety that sits at the corners of my thoughts, and it is leaning in at the very moments that “waiting” just isn’t sufficient.

Friday is coming soon, but it is still so far away to someone who isn’t just waiting.

This coming Friday a small stack of papers will cross the desk of someone I’ve never met in a place that I’ve never been to before. In that moment, I will have no voice, no way to communicate my feelings, no way to share the tears that have fallen, no way to express how life is incomplete and no way to show the faces of the others who would do anything to be heard.

It is our prayer that as this small stack of papers is opened for consideration that a divine hand will guide the human hands that must apply their mark, their signature and their approval.

…and while that mark is applied I pray that a little girl who is alone and unknowingly waiting will be filled with a smile and the comfort that her mom and dad are waiting no more.

Because in this advent, a waiting moves to preparation which manifests itself in an arrival. It is an advent that sometimes looks exactly like a mom and dad reaching into a small blue box used a bed to lift out their daughter

Counting Down

Happy 9 Months Baby Girl!!!